Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Bloggers Choice Fabric Comp

Have you seen the amazing competition over at Quokka Quilts?  It couldn't be more fun for a fabricaholic, as you have the opportunity to spend hours browsing the Fat Quarter Shop before choosing your favourite 12 co-ordinating patterns and 3 solids to make up a mosaic which you link up to Quokka Quilts.  One lucky person is going to win 15 half yards of the fabrics of their choice.

It took me hours to whittle it down, but this is mine!

1 Hometown Mist Cross Town 2 Sorbet Orange Spa Ikat 3 Impressions Teal Dahlia 4 Hometown Mist Bicycle Cross Town 5 Bella Solids Teal Yardage 6 Sorbet Aqua Spa Ikat 7 Loulouthi Scotch Hugs and Kisses 8 Impressions Green Dahlia 9 Central Park Cream Fun Fern 10 Bella Solids Etchings Slate 11 Impressions Orange Dahlia 12 Central Park Cream Babies Breath 13 Terrain Bloom Dahlia 14 Hometown Sky Cross Town 15 Bella Solids Cheddar


  1. Oh, I LIKE!!!!! Very nice. :) It took me almost all day yesterday to pick my group.

  2. I love those colours that you've picked out!! Good luck. I was going to do it, but I was taking too long. Soooo, I'll just check out the winning bundle!


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