Tuesday 29 November 2011

Hello World!

This is the blog of someone who has decided that they spend too much time faffing when they should actually be doing things.   (That's not to say that I'm going to give up my occasional guilty lunchtime fix of CSI though, better be realistic.)  Anyway, here is where I can record my attempts to be creative for my own satisfaction, but also just in case anything I learn along the way might be useful to someone else -  I love the generosity of spirit behind the sharing of ideas and information and enthusiasm in blogs.  It's also a way of giving myself an incentive as I am naturally somewhat of a sloth.

Anyway, a bit about me: I love food, film, music, books, walking and travel,  and in between work and family I like to garden and make things - unfortunately usually combining a love of perfection with enthusiastic botching and lack of attention to detail.   So it's Knotted Cotton because I wanted the name to sound vaguely crafty, it reflects my inexpert creative skills, and it represents the way I'm trying to transform the tangled threads of life into order and beauty!


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