Wednesday 22 April 2015

Very Berry Handmade ATC Swap: Home Sweet Home

Yesterday I posted a pic of the wonderful Artist Trading Card I received from my partner in this round of the swap organised by Ali Very Berry Handmade.  The theme for this round is "Home Sweet Home", and here is the card I made for my own recipient.  It is called "Waiting to be Let In".

I hope my partner likes cats!

Do check out the other cards in the flickr group - they are really amazing.  It is hard to remember that these cards are only 2.5 x 3.5 inches - it's a fun constraint, and it's always fascinating to see how each member of the group takes the current theme and runs with it in their own way.

Tuesday 21 April 2015

I was so grateful for all the helpful (and very tactful) comments about the spare room dilemma #firstworldproblem - of course it did have to become a room for eldest child.  She is ecstatic at the idea and already planning the purchase of many things made of coloured plastic to put in it and I'm currently distracted by moving bits of furniture around, and trying to find a home for the Mountains of Stuff.  

We've also just been on holiday, have lots of photos of stately homes and daffodils to be sorted through, and there are always many other excuses for not managing to do anything remotely creative, but I did get back and find the results of someone else's creativity waiting for me and I'm so happy.

I've been taking part in the Very Berry Handmade ATC swap again, and this is what I received:

Isn't it fantastic?  I really love it as it reminds me of many happy childhood holidays.  Look at the wee sheep! The theme of this swap is Home Sweet Home, and I would happily live in this house on a hillside, waking up to the sound of baa-ing lambs, although my husband would go mad if there wasn't a coffee shop nearby with good internet access.

The ATC arrived along with a card by the same artist, Sue Forey.

Sue has a shop on Etsy  and it is worth checking out for more of her beautiful work.  I feel very lucky to have a little piece of my own!

Now that I've received this the pressure is on, but my own card will be on its way to its recipient shortly.


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