Friday 30 January 2015

Belated Happy New Year!

Do you ever find that when you are putting something off you that you don't want to do (tax return....), you feel that you can't reward yourself by doing the things you do want to do either?  This explains the gap since my last post which is really bad of me because I should long ago have shared this:

This cheery little creature is on the Artist Trading Card I received from Samantha in the pre-Christmas Very Berry Handmade ATC swap and I love him so much that he didn't go away after Christmas and is living on my bookshelf.  I just like his friendly optimistic expression.

The other piece of news is that towards the end of last year I was very happy to be accepted into the Four in Art quilt group (more details on the flickr page).  I put off making my quilt for this quarter too, partly because of tax form-related procrastination, but also because I like to ponder until the very last minute and then panic....

A picture of panic

I think I am back on course so please come back because we will be revealing our quilts, inspired by this years' Challenge theme Literature, on 1 February.


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