Tuesday 1 February 2022

The Endeavourers # 16 - Feelings/Emotions - 'The Patchwork Heart'

Today The Endeavourers quilt group reveal our latest quilts, made for the theme of Feelings/Emotions.

While I was thinking about this theme, and wondering which of emotion or feeling to represent, I thought a lot about the impact of the pandemic on the feelings of all of us.  I did wonder about making a quilt in different shades of grey! But of course life is not really like that all the time and I started thinking about more positive feelings.  A recurring thought in my head was "and the greatest of these is love".

Love is, hopefully, one of the biggest, most optimistic, and most important emotions we have.  It comes in many forms and is directed towards many things.  I decided to make a patchwork heart, with pieces representing all the different loves.  

Inevitably at some point, a heart might be broken and put back together, so one of the pieces is a patch to mend it.   Also in my thoughts though was a line from e e cummings' poem - I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart), and perhaps the patch is also a little pocket.

I wanted the heart to stand out, so I left it unquilted, then I quilted loosely round it to make a kind of aura round it, and then very tightly in the rest of the quilt.

Do have a look at the other quilts on our shared blog - it's amazing to see how different members treat a theme - and you can find also find links to each member's individual blog.


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