Thursday 9 June 2016

Be Happy

It's been a really up and down month.  My cat died and I was really miserable!  I had him for nineteen years which is a very long time and he was my friend through so many life events and kept me company, often lying on my works in progress as cats do.

He was ill for a couple of weeks and all my energy was taken up with worrying about him, so the day after he died I was sniffing away and feverishly trying to finish Six Coffees and a Tea, take photographs of it and blatt it up onto the internet in time to make the deadline for entry to the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Challenge that evening.  The entries for the challenge were amazing - you can see them on Instagram #umbrellaprintstrimmingschallenge, and on the Umbrella Prints Pinterest board - and you can believe that I was surprised and quite a bit madly happy when my quilt won the quilt section. Hooray!!!!

I am very excited about the prize, which is my choice of products from the Umbrella Prints store.   I enjoyed using the Trimmings pack in my quilt; they are beautiful fabrics and organic as well and I am looking forward to making more Umbrella Prints projects.

In the meantime, I have been making (or trying to make) a card for the latest Very Berry Handmade ATC swap. Like an idiot I managed to burn the first one with my iron!   It burned right through some of the stitches and left big scorch marks. Doh!  I decided to pretend that it looked vintage and finished it off but I couldn't really send it to my partner so here is Mk 2 - the theme this time round is 'Say Something' and I was thinking what more could you wish anyone than this?


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