Thursday 28 January 2016

Winter Comforts received

Look what I got in the post today!  It is my card in the Very Berry ATC swap.

Isn't it lovely?   It was made by Ann.  She said in her note that it was inspired by a drawing she did for her baby's nursery, which was part of a set of 4 representing the seasons.  This is the winter season and features a mummy owl hugging a baby owl on a snowy day.

I think it is magical.  It has such beautiful details - look at their little faces and the way the baby owl is snuggling up.

Thank you Ann.  The card is now sitting on my bookshelf making me happy.

Wednesday 20 January 2016

ATC: Winter Comforts "Being Cosy"

I've finished another ATC card.

The armchair, antimacassar and floral cushion and wallpaper suggest that a little old lady lives in this house, but she is a sparky old lady who likes cats and books.  Having been for a good stiff walk in the snow she's about to settle down with Pride and Prejudice and a nice cup of tea (it is just a little too early for a dry sherry).  She has just gone to fetch the biscuit tin.

Tuesday 19 January 2016

My word, is it it really 19 January?  Where does the time go?   I have managed a bit of creativity - I've been making Artist Trading Cards and you can read me wittering on about them over on Very Berry Handmade today. Thank you so much to Ali for having me!

There has been other activity which I'm showing you because who could resist a lamb having a bath?  (No stew jokes, please.)

Saturday 2 January 2016

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone who puts up with my infrequent rambling.  Thank you especially for your friendship and encouragement and I hope that your coming year is full of fun and creativity!

These are my favourite makes of 2015.

Clockwise from top: Mrs Midas, Wild GeeseThe MoorsBirchHome Sweet Home: Waiting to be Let In

It was a quiet year creatively because the rest of life was mad:

1 graduation from primary school
1 total house reorganisation
2 bedrooms completely redecorated

1 funeral: odd how bittersweet these events can be - so very sad whilst simultaneously so nice in terms of meeting up with relatives one doesn't see very often
1 lovely week in Arran, during which there was
1 flood - through the ceiling of one of the newly redecorated bedrooms:-(
1 insurance claim
3 weeks in temporary accommodation and three months of living in chaos

Highlight of the year was renting a little studio and a lot of days were spent scraping old concrete off the original quarry tiles, and painting the breeze block partition wall.

Finally, I mustered some courage and entered two quilts to Quiltcon - Wild Geese and Walk, Don't Walk - neither of which were accepted.  I know I have to improve my technical skills so I just look forward to keeping on experimenting.

Please join me in 2016!


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