Tuesday 19 January 2016

My word, is it it really 19 January?  Where does the time go?   I have managed a bit of creativity - I've been making Artist Trading Cards and you can read me wittering on about them over on Very Berry Handmade today. Thank you so much to Ali for having me!

There has been other activity which I'm showing you because who could resist a lamb having a bath?  (No stew jokes, please.)


  1. He does look a bit worried. Perhaps you could have been a bit more tactful in your choice of "bathtub"?!

  2. The poor lamb looks like it just had a shock :-):-)

  3. Catherine had a little lamb
    she bathed him in a pot
    He was looking quite relaxed until
    the bath got rather hot

    When Catherine added bath salts
    he thought she was being nice
    but when she added carrots
    it had him thinking twice :)

  4. Enjoyed reading about how you develop your ideas for the ATC's Catherine, I can certainly empathise with the thinking a lot and leaving the doing to the last minute school of thought!
    I hope that poor lamb's ordeal in the cooking pot was worth it :)

  5. What a great little poem up above, love it! And really enjoyed reading your post over on Very Berry. Lots of aspects of your process sounded very familiar! I love the thinking about it stage, usually as I'm lying in bed trying to get off to sleep, and disproportionate mess there is a plenty! Although it's the disproportionate time that always surprises me the most. Great idea for the Winter bird, and I love your little armchair scene, that frayed piece of silk was just perfect.

  6. I think that poor lamb is keeping a wary eye on you in case you reach for the lid...


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