Saturday 2 January 2016

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone who puts up with my infrequent rambling.  Thank you especially for your friendship and encouragement and I hope that your coming year is full of fun and creativity!

These are my favourite makes of 2015.

Clockwise from top: Mrs Midas, Wild GeeseThe MoorsBirchHome Sweet Home: Waiting to be Let In

It was a quiet year creatively because the rest of life was mad:

1 graduation from primary school
1 total house reorganisation
2 bedrooms completely redecorated

1 funeral: odd how bittersweet these events can be - so very sad whilst simultaneously so nice in terms of meeting up with relatives one doesn't see very often
1 lovely week in Arran, during which there was
1 flood - through the ceiling of one of the newly redecorated bedrooms:-(
1 insurance claim
3 weeks in temporary accommodation and three months of living in chaos

Highlight of the year was renting a little studio and a lot of days were spent scraping old concrete off the original quarry tiles, and painting the breeze block partition wall.

Finally, I mustered some courage and entered two quilts to Quiltcon - Wild Geese and Walk, Don't Walk - neither of which were accepted.  I know I have to improve my technical skills so I just look forward to keeping on experimenting.

Please join me in 2016!


  1. That was quite a year. Congratulations on entering quilts in to Quilt Con. I may not live long enough to even attempt this. Have a wonderful 2016

  2. You have been busy, and your quilts are stunning, I hope to see more. All the best to you for the new year.

  3. Gosh you did have an interesting year Catherine :) Well done on even entering those quilts I am sure that we will see your quilts there one day! Wishing you a drier (!) 2016.

  4. I love how there's usually a very peaceful feeling to your work and this years pick really shows that well. Good on you for entering quilts for Quilt Con too. Wishing you a fantastic, flood-free 2016.

  5. You have been very busy!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  6. Jeez, I'm sweting just reading about all that work! Good for you and still some wonderful finishes! Happy New Year!

  7. What a year! I hope 2016 is nothing but good for you and yours xx

  8. I hope the coming days bring nothing but joy and happiness for you. Not sure what Quilt Con was looking for in your quilts, but I find Wild Geese to be beautiful. I have always admired your quilts for their elegance.


  9. What!! Your quilts not accepted?? What do they know anyway. I consider all your quilts to be beautiful. My you have had an eventful year. Excited for you to see the progress of your studio; I have often wondered how it was coming along. May your 2016 be a little less eventful.

  10. Oh dear, floods are no fun at all. I hope you're not in any danger of floods from excessive rain now too? And clearly if your gorgeous quilts are not up to Quiltcon on technical grounds then I will never even bother trying! I saw lots of amazing rejects last year (and some odd ones accepted too), their criteria for accepting/declining doesn't seem entirely consistent to me. Hope 2016 runs a little more smoothly for you and you have an abundance of creative time.

  11. Oooh! Finally catching up on my blog reading- in reverse order ho hum...Great to see your year in review. Yay the studio finally came through- I missed this. What a busy year you've had- all the best for a calm and creative 2016!


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