Thursday 28 January 2016

Winter Comforts received

Look what I got in the post today!  It is my card in the Very Berry ATC swap.

Isn't it lovely?   It was made by Ann.  She said in her note that it was inspired by a drawing she did for her baby's nursery, which was part of a set of 4 representing the seasons.  This is the winter season and features a mummy owl hugging a baby owl on a snowy day.

I think it is magical.  It has such beautiful details - look at their little faces and the way the baby owl is snuggling up.

Thank you Ann.  The card is now sitting on my bookshelf making me happy.


  1. What a nice gift to receive. It is very cute. Baby Owl looks so cozy :)

  2. I played host to a female robin for a night who was in need of warmth and rest and could not fly. We let her go this morning, and I hope she was able to fly back to her flock which was busy eating berries in the cold weather this afternoon.

  3. It's reminds me of a book my son loved when he was very small which was called something like I want my mommy which was about baby owls waiting for the mother owl to come home.

  4. Just beautiful. Ann is very talented and you are such a lucky lady to have this card. x

  5. That is so cute! Love the expressions and feeling she caught.

  6. That's adorable, the baby shut eyes just look like the baby is revelling in the affection!


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