Thursday 5 April 2018

Mini Hoop Swap

I seem to be coming out of the winter period of creative inactivity, which is just as well as the deadline is approaching for the latest mini hoop swap hosted by Ali.  I love taking part in these swaps, both for hoops and Artist Trading Cards, because of the challenge involved in making something very tiny, though there is always a period of fear when I wonder whether it's going to be a disaster.  After that it's just fun to play and I usually end up making more than one.

It's a secret swap and no-one knows who will be making their hoop but participants can give hints about things they like so I had a jumping-off point.  I started with some very tiny curved piecing...

Added some wavy lines in different coloured thread...

Made some sky...

Had a play with some little beads...

Then I was having so much fun, I did a bit more curved piecing and started on another piece with tiny  embroidered palm trees, a sequin sun, some whispy clouds and a funny little mutant whale.

There was a pause until the hoop I'd ordered arrived, and when it did, I looked at it and suddenly thought "Porthole!!"

Lentils make great rivets!

These little hoops (by Dandelyne) are only 5.5 cm across, with the space in the middle being even smaller of course, but making one seems to take just as much thought and effort as much bigger projects so you always desperately hope that your partner will like the result.

Anyway here are 'Porthole View 1'

and 'Porthole View 2'.

See what I mean about tiny!

I have an idea about which my partner might prefer, I won't let on which, but it will be winging its way to her.


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