Wednesday 18 January 2012

Resolved to Sew 2012

There's a fantastic giveaway - lots of suppliers have put up some really great things - being offered by Ali of Very Berry Handmade who asks us to consider our sewing resolutions for this year.   This made me realise that Doing More Stuff is really too vague and I need definite goals!

So:  this year I WILL:

  • Make a quilt to cover the living room sofa using this.....

...or maybe this....

  • Make a wonky star cushion cover 
  • Find a suitable use for these pieces of 1950s and 60s loveliness  .....

  • Hone my (basic) paper piecing skills - and I have a project in mind.  I suddenly had an idea the other night for a paper-pieced crab, I don't know why, and spent a lot of time yesterday trying to work out how I would do such a thing.  Here are my sketches. 

 I was quite taken with the way the crab makes a natural hexagon - I guess it would have to be a hexalog-c(r)abin? (groan)


  1. Hi there - I love those 60s/50s fabrics too! I look forward to seeing what you come up with for them, and how the crab progresses.

  2. Well, I have this great suggestion of what you can do with those 50s-60s fabrics - send them to me!!! Please....??? I feel quite spooked looking at your fabrics - we have lots in common, it could be my stash you've been photographing. I love those French General prints... Your crap looks ace - great idea, go for it!

  3. That top photo shows just about my favourite colour combination! Would make a lovely quilt. And your 50s/60s fabrics are beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them, and your hexagon crabs!

  4. Love those 50s/60s fabrics too, sure you will come up with something good to do with them, but in the meantime just enjoy having them!


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