Wednesday 9 January 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas.  We managed to escape all lurgies, and lots of turkey, chocolate and red wine was consumed - Hooray!  The homemade festive bunting was hung...

and I actually managed to make something new too. This table runner was in use on Christmas day and somehow managed not to get gravy spilled on it straight away.

It is backed with cream sheeting - no binding, just placed face to face and sewn all around, leaving a hole for turning.  I was really taken with the cranberry/natural combination and imagining a quilt in these colours in the future.

I also like the wonky straight line quilting, which I sewed at roughly 1/4 or 1/2 inch intervals.

The first resolution for this year is to lose the extra half-stone put on over the holidays.  The others are:
  • If it's going to take no more than a couple of minutes, do it right away.  (For some reason I pulled an old management book off the shelf during the holidays and some of it actually applied to real life.)
  • Do one creative thing every day.
  • Get fit.  I have made a start by buying a sports bra - hopefully it will get some use as I'm going to try this Couch to 5k program which is ideal for the lardy sloth I've turned into.
I am not going to sign up for any finish-alongs.  I am in awe of all the fantastic lists of WIPs I've been reading, but what I really need is a Start-along.


  1. Happy New Year and good luck with the resolutions. I used to work at a place where we called the intent behind your first one a 'banjo'. It's a sort of acronym for bang off a nasty job!

  2. great resolutions, catherine. I hope this year brings you much happiness and laughter x

  3. Happy New Year Catherine. Great resolutions. I'm in love with the colors of your table runner, simply beautiful. And the bunting turned out so lovely makes the room look so much cozy and festive.

  4. Happy New Year to you too.

    Your bunting looks great and I love your table runner too. How did you manage to avoid spilling gravy on it, that is something we never manage?

  5. Your house looks beautiful and your runner is beautifully sophisticated. Your resolutions are great and I could just copy yours. I am going to look at the 5k programme although running here is not fun. Good luck and happy new year!

  6. Lovely warm cozy and festive looking home with your beautiful handmade decorations.
    Good luck with the New year's resolutions. I especially like the do something creative everyday idea. I guess posting about them helps with accountability, which is what I need- that and a goal! My youngest son has taken up biking and I'm going to have to look to my laurels not to be left utterly behind!

  7. Happy new year Catherine! I did a couch to 10K program through a local gym a few years back, which made me love running, until an old injury put me back on the couch - I miss running the most, when you are in the zone, it is incredibly zen! Good luck and I hope you enjoy.

  8. Happy new year! I need a start-along too as I finished off all my WIPs - about to start 2 new projects, woop woop :)

  9. Happy New Year! lovely bunting and runner :) I saw that couch to 5km program heading somewhere and though about it for a second !

  10. Happy new year. Love the whites and reds for your Christmas table runner. Any tips on how to avoid gravy stains will be gladly appreciated. My lot always tip stuff over the table cloth.

  11. Great table runner-very festive but also rather elegant. My gravy didn't spill either-we just spooned it out in lumps.


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