Thursday 19 September 2013

Sewing a pouch - random lessons for the day

  • Lining fabric is a slippery bugger.  Now is the time to break the habit of a life-time and pin.
  • Is your zipper the right way up?  Really?  Are you sure?
  • The hole required to turn a pouch is larger than you think it is.
  • Chocolate consumption goes up in direct correlation to the number of times required to unpick.
  • Sewing faster when the bobbin is running low doesn't mean you will get to the end of a row of stitching before it runs out.  Though it should.
  • It is sometimes better to sew hopefully than to arrive.

Edited to add: Back from the brink.  Pouch didn't have to go in the bin.  Phew.

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  1. this made me chuckle xx think I have done all of the above xx glad the pouchworked xx

  2. Oh. How. Funny. And (alas) true.
    Maureen from Maryland is smiling...

  3. How funny ... and am also known to resort to a glass of wine!

  4. This made me smile, reminds me of my own sewing related chocolate binges!

  5. This made me smile, reminds me of my own sewing related chocolate binges!

  6. Sewing faster should DEFINITELY make the bobbin last, I'm with you all the way on that one.

  7. and a glass of wine definitely helps the whole process :-)

  8. Love the one about the bobbin running out - so true!!

  9. Brilliant! I'm with you on all those :-)

  10. glad you saved your pouch from the bin.

  11. Ha, Ha. I love these... they are so, so true.


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