Sunday 30 March 2014

Got my ticket!

Last year I went to the Stitch Gathering.  It was a fantastic event and a great opportunity to learn new skills.  I had a lot of fun in the two classes I took and was really inspired.  The first class was Sheila's one on crazy patchwork which gave me the confidence to try these (top left is the mini I started in Sheila's class.)

My second was with Fiona, who taught how to make this beautiful quilt which she designed and had published in Creative Quilting.  This resulted in Big Red Triangles.

Both teachers were lovely and are coming back this year.  Maybe I will see you there!


  1. I want to go! It looks amazing. Maybe in a couple of years when I move up to Edinburgh anyway.

  2. Ok, so even though my husband is sitting about 10 feet away from me, I am in love with that pink box! :) m

  3. They are all lovely, Catherine, looks like you are a star pupil!! I am in love with your crazy patchworks with all those li'l scrumptious Liberty prints. Love, love, love the blue!!

  4. Still debating whether to go, your projects are definitely a.great advert for the gathering!

  5. These look wonderful. I would love to go if it weren't for the distance. I am sure you will have a wonderful time. xx

  6. I am seriously considering it!


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