Friday 15 August 2014

Back in the saddle again - ATC swap

Once again I have joined up with Ali at Very Berry Handmade and am taking part in the fourth of her Artist Trading Card swaps.

I love the challenge of making something very tiny - if you want, you can see some of my earlier efforts, but you should definitely check out the cards in the Flickr group where you can see ones from the current swap, both finished and in progress, and have a look at some of the others from previous swaps too.  They are all beautiful and the difference in techniques and choice of subject matters is always really interesting.

The theme of this swap is "getting away from it all" - to be interpreted in any way you like, so I'm having fun trying to think of things that this idea means to me, that would be in any way implementable in a 3.5 x 2.5 inch format!

Very Berry Handmade


  1. I've joined the swap for the first time. Now beginning to wonder how i'm going to make something so small.

  2. Hi Catherine!
    The first thing I thought of is Trip Around the World. A little trip, naturally. :)
    Smiling at you from Maryland, m & jb

  3. I love your previous cards. I don't know if I have the creativity for such a project.

  4. I'm really excited by the swap! Mind you, so anxious that I have made three practice cards, each with a different technique for structuring it... My ten year old supervisor has decreed which one is best ;-)

  5. Hi, I'm also joining in the swap for the first time......lots of head scratching and bitten nails and a few practice cards but I'll get there in the end.

  6. oh, wish I had seen this in time. Hopefully next time I'll take part. When I first started blogging your ATC swap was one of the first things I saw, Catherine

  7. I am so glad you joined the swap again! Can't wait to see your creations, Catherine!

    1. Thanks Larisa - so far lots of ideas, little actual progess:-)


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