Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival - More is More

I am entering a second quilt in the Blogger's Quilt Festival - it's a finish of earlier this year so apologies to those who have already read about it ad nauseam before.    I'm putting this one in the Large Quilts category, where it is in the company of some amazing quilts.

It was made for a child living in a children's home in Mexico City, which I learned about on Alison's blog Little Island Quilting - you can read more about her "Soy Amado/a ("I am loved") project here.  This explains the embroidered message bottom right, which was done in variegated thread using a tight wide zig-zag on my sewing machine.

I thought about making something unisex, but then I decided that I would go all-out girly for someone who should have one of her own.  I didn't think I was a "pink" person but I must have been in denial as somehow a fair amount of it seemed to have crept into my stash.  I used all of it in this quilt, it was quite liberating!

The quilting is simple - straight lines a quarter inch from the seams in the squares, and stars in the white sashing.

The over-the-top pinkness and bright chartreuse green binding are why this quilt ended up being called More is More.

If the truth be told I was quite sorry to see it go off to its new home, but I hope it makes someone happy!

Thank you for visiting!

You can see my other entry in the Festival here.


  1. Me too!! Might have said this before but I love that pink and green!

  2. Good evening Catherine, the pinks are marvelous together and the green edging adds a bit of pop to this great quilt. How satisfying that this was made from stash fabric too. I am not a pink person either but I really like how this quilt has come together. I am just restarting with sewing at the moment and something like this quilt will be something I could work towards. For my first proper projects I have fabric to make cushion covers and I am going to try piecing together a simple square patchwork pattern and I also plan to try some applique too. I am trying quite a few new crafts to me away from yarny pursuits. If you fancy taking a look I have my non-yarn crafts on my second blog

    I have been acrylic painting on canvas which has been tremendous fun for me and a craft I want to carry on pursuing and developing.

    On my crochet blog I have been knitting a lot lately (what's that all about?) and I am enjoying knitting for now

    Take care and thanks for sharing such a beautiful piece of your work. How generous you are to donate this quilt too, I am sure the recipient will treasure it xxx

  3. I am sooooo a pink gal! I can never tire of looking at this beautiul quilt, Catherine. The fabrics ooze happiness....'tis gorgeous!

  4. Hi! What a beautiful quilt! I love the colours and agree that more is more! Great name, too! x Teje

  5. So cheering! I'm sure it will make someone VERY happy!

  6. Gorgeous! Anna Maria and Amy play together so nicely don't they?

  7. not only a lovely quilt to make a little or big girl happy but great photographs as well

  8. Hi Catherine, the quilt is beautiful. Who wouldn't like to receive it? Pink but definitely not sickly. I love the green binding- a real pop of colour and contrast. Good luck at Festival

  9. Heartwarming colors of your quilt - the green in it keeps it all unkitschy (I hope you understand what I am meaning)

  10. More is More is a great name for this! Lime always makes me feel that way and the binding is the perfect finish.

  11. I'm sure any little girl in Mexico would be delighted to receive this quilt and will treasure it for years to come. For someone who doesn't like pink you've amassed some of the best ones here! It's lovely.

  12. Beautiful quilt, and some really stunning photos of it too. Good luck with it in the Festival.


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