Tuesday 1 March 2016

Just looking


Closely. A world in a dewdrop.

I'm getting really into the textures of the quilt I'm making, which is just as well because the process of making it is incredibly tedious!     I held a section up to look at it and saw the sunlight shining through.

I've posted some of it on instagram already  (I'm hanging out there as @knottedcotton).


  1. How pretty to see the world reflected in a dew drop. I can see why you are enjoying the textures in your quilt, it looks wonderfully tactile.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I haven't seen the sky so blue this year. And your quilt looks wonderful. I'm intrigued to know what it's going to be like once it's finished :)

  3. Your new quilt is fabulous! I must have missed it on IG, but that shot of the light comeing through looks like a painting. Just beautiful!

  4. This whole post is beautiful.

  5. WOW! This is going to be stunning Catherine!

  6. Beautiful photos and a lovely post :)


  7. You always give me something to think about--gorgeous photos!

  8. Tantalising to see these little glimpses! It's looking fantastic!

  9. What an amazing photo of your dew drop. And your quilt looks like it's coming on pretty fast, especially given the size of the piecing you're doing. Is it going to be a warm, cosy quilt or could you be tempted to make it a very summery, light quilt and try and keep some of that sunshine through it effect?

  10. A post full of beauty! I love your tiny squares. Those Oakshott reds are amongst my favourite ever fabrics: I bought a half metre bundle in a sale once and nearly cried it was so beautiful.

    1. Yes, fabric made me want to cry - what can I say?


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