Tuesday 29 November 2016

A while back I saw a beautiful super mini quilt by @dianaeowen on Instagram and liked it so much that I commented that I wished there was some way I could persuade her to send it to me.  It was only meant as a joke, but she wrote back to say that she would send it to me in return for some hoop art!

So, I stalked her Instagram account a bit and made her this, which I hope she will think is an acceptable swap:

The picture is for someone who likes quilts, cats, dahlias and babies. Unfortunately, in this scene, the babies are being naughty in another room so she's had to abandon her plans for a sit down with a cuppa and a bit of piecing, and now the cat has stolen her chair.

I had a lot of fun thinking about the details, like the embroidered steam coming from the abandoned mug.

I was particularly pleased with the tiny reel of thread which is about a cm in size.

It's a lot of fun disappearing into an imaginary world to make pictures like this, even if I usually have to surface to make dinner.


  1. It is wonderful, I love it :-)

  2. A mini masterpiece Catherine, I love all the tiny details you have included.

  3. Love it ! Absolutely sure your friend will love it, too !!

  4. I love this - and it's a pretty good representation of my life too (except that 6 year olds can make more mess than babies manage!)

  5. Just perfect and such a lovely composition. The cat has to be my favourite.

  6. Love this story, Catherine! Well, there is no harm in asking and you did well. :-) Your hoop art is full of tiny details and pretty prints. Very inspiring! Love it! xox


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