Monday 3 February 2020

Poppies by the Sea

I've just finished a quilt inspired by a miraculous sight last summer when there was a beautiful flush of poppies by the sea near where I work in East Lothian.

They were such a surprise as they are not what I usually associate with coastal flora.

Although they look so delicate and fragile, with their silky petals, they seemed to stand up surprisingly robustly against the wind and rain.

I love those colours against the sand and sea.

This little quilt is at about 12 inches square.  It is pieced, quilted, appliqued using Oakshott shot cottons, and embroidered.

Poppies by the Sea at Cockenzie, East Lothian
12 x 12 inches
Pieced, quilted, appliqued, embroidered
Oakshott cotton, quilting cotton
Mounted on canvas


  1. I love the colours and shapes in the background. You've really created a sense of the seaside and it shows off your poppies beautifully. It must be nice to work near the sea in the Summer :)

  2. Catherine, I love this quilt. I live near the ocean, too, and those sand and sea colors with the wavy quilting resonate with me. The other thing I like is that the poppy stems are just floating in the air and I think the inclusion of the little grasses is perfect. (I can't tell -is it hard or machine quilted?)

  3. Your picture is so beautiful, you captured the colours and the mood so well :-)

  4. Those poppies standing tall by the sea are beautiful; as is your little quilt. The poppies look splendid against the background of the different pastels of cottons. What a treat to see those poppies and the seaside as you work.

  5. How lovely! I like that poppies grow where they want, regardless of how inhospitable a spot might seem.


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