Sunday 8 July 2012

A bit of a linky post

Now that I've got my tutorial done (good thing for everyone concerned - I was not an attentive or patient mother:-) I've been finishing off the top of stack of coins.  In the end I decided, having consulted my wise readers, not to sash in linen between the stacks but made a couple of extras, joined them all and added a border in the linen instead.

It's proving impossible to get a decent sunny picture of the whole top, but here's a close-up:

To give you an idea what it's like here I have watered this hanging basked twice in two months.

Thank you very much to everyone from the hop who dropped in and left a comment.  I try to reply to all comments, but sometimes the commenter is a "no-reply" blogger.    If you don't hear back, this may be why.  Find out about what it means and what to do about it here (or google "no-reply blogger").

Sometimes, too, I can't pay a return visit to a blog because the address isn't visible when I click on a commenter's profile picture.   Amanda at Fabric Engineer has just posted a little tutorial on how to make sure your blog shows up - here.

And......another handy link.  Some bloggers like to use word verification to avoid spammers, but I thought I'd turned it off on my own blog.  I found I hadn't when Chrissie D posted this tutorial!

Final link  - for anyone who's read to the bottom of this post - Lynne at Lily's Quilts has an amazing giveaway. She's offering an Oakshott Cottons colourbox.    A mere 1236 entrants so far:-)  I'm off to get my entry in with fingers and toes crossed.  Please let it be me.


  1. No Catherine, you can't win the Oakshott Cottons box because I'm having it ;) Did you make full use of all your entries, I sure did, what an amazing giveaway!

    I'm so looking forward to seeing this Stack of Coins top when it's done too. Oh and thanks for the mention ... word verification ... urghhh! :)

  2. Just checked my profile thanks to Fabric Engineer's post and my blog is listed, don't know how I did it, but pleased to find that I did :)

    Word verification was bad enough but now they have pictures of numbers that I can't even read half the time!!!

    Obviously it has been a good summer for hanging baskets, if not for anyone else!


I love hearing from you and always try to reply - please forgive me if I accidentally miss a comment. If you don't hear back do check you aren't a "No Reply Blogger", and look for a reply here in the Comments section.


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