Friday 13 July 2012

No progress on quilting this week  - plenty of other unwanted excitement including a trip to the sick kids hospital with smallest child following a dramatic fainting episode combined with cracking her head on the laminate floor.  Instead there was a little more therapeutic embroidery (can highly recommend this for calm).

There is no plan to this embroidery at all - the tree could have been a coconut palm or a weeping willow but morphed into a larch as it went along, partly because I'm trying out new stitches and the cones were the result of learning french knots.

I'm not at all happy with the baby and may unpick it and start again - please contain your excitement:-)

The guest advice post on the Plum and June blog hop this week was from Kati of From the Blue Chair  It was a really good article about her reasons for blogging and her determination to stick to these and continue to go her own way.

Like almost everyone else, I guess, I started blogging because I love learning and making things - and wanted to share this process warts and all with like-minded people. It's very easy (well it is for me!) to worry that perhaps the things you make aren't good enough, or "original" enough, or perhaps just coming off the production line fast enough! I think I will start a Slow Blog movement - want to join me?!

Please check out the latest hops on the Let's Get Acquainted blog hop. This week Rebecca made a clever travel bingo, and Marti made some pretty colourful placemats.

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July 17
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  1. It looks great to me! I wish I could embroider like you can!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your hospital trip. I hope all is well!

    I've been feeling the need for a slow blog type movement. Maybe we can make a blight button with a snail or a turtle on it. We'd need a slogan. :)

  3. I like your idea for a Slow Blog movement, and your french knots are so neat! I usually find mine end up all different sizes depending upon how tightly I pull the thread.

    Hope your smallest child is fine now, and you have all got over the drama.


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