Thursday, 6 December 2012

Camping and Caravanning Hooded Quilt-Wrap

Earlier this year I made this:

It's the towel-lined hooded quilt-wrap that I designed for my spot on the Let's get Acquainted blog hop and it was made to act as picnic blanket/cosy wrap for swimming, and trips to the beach, etc.  The tutorial is here, and I have just updated it a little to include details of a new version:

This one is backed with a cosy fleece, has a lined hood for extra warmth, and is ideal for taking camping - use it as a spare blanket over your sleeping bag, and wear it to keep you warm round the camp fire!

The top is made from a layer cake of Lily Ashbury's beautiful Tradewinds fabric, using the alternative method for sewing HSTs which is very quick, but you could use any design, even whole-cloth.

It is lovely and snuggly and my youngest daughter loves using it to curl up in on the sofa, or spread over her bed.

Eyes glued to the telly...

If you have a quilt top waiting to be backed you could even run one up for Christmas!  

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Plum and June


  1. Now that is a fabulous idea. I need to make one for me let alone the kids! Mind you it would probably take me until next winter to finish it

  2. SUCHa great idea Catherine! Wish I'd known about this when our kids were younger and our beach trips were inevitably tinged with blue! But can also see it as a dressing gown alternative! Great tutorial I'll pin if that's OK?

  3. We are certainly having the weather for this at the minute. It looks lovely and cosy!

  4. This looks fabulous! And strange to see somebody on the beach when it is SO cold here but great to wear and snuggle into at this time of year...Have you entered my 'giveaway' yet, please do, and nice to link up with another Scottish crafter.

  5. Photos of children wrapped up at the beach are just the best - I love this project and have pinned it (hope that's okay) so that perhaps I'll remember to make one for the little guy :-)

  6. What a great idea Catherine. Your daughter looks so warm and cozy wrapped in the quilt. I love the idea of using fleece to back a quilt.

  7. This looks so lovely and cozy, it certainly does look perfect for camping!

  8. What a neat idea! I love it.

  9. Looks like a great idea ; )

  10. Oh I love this and have pinned your tutorial. These would be great on car trips too!

  11. Great idea! That hood looks extra warmy warm


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