Wednesday 3 October 2012

WIP Wednesday

So it turns out that my fairy godmother (aka my husband) read my blog, and I am now the happy owner of this bundle of ruby reds:

Isn't it (and he) lovely?   And it wasn't even supposed to be a hint!   I already have a plan and am doing some prototyping before I go anywhere near these beautiful fabrics with my rotary cutter.

On the cutting mat this week are the fabrics from a Tradewinds layer cake which are waiting to be made into a quilt/wrap for Sprog 2.

 I've been making HSTs and trying out this method for the first time:

I found the fabric moved together while I was sewing it, and I think this will necessitate a bit of squaring up, but it's certainly a very rapid way to make HSTs.

Pinwheels had been my plan, but I'm veering towards a random placing now. I'm also not sure how well the bamboo lattice works with the rest in this project - do you think they'll stand out too much from a tonal point of view? - and wondering if I should unpick these triangles.  Such a horrible job! 

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  1. Pretty fabrics - and I wouldn't unpick anything! Especially if you can add a few other fabrics to maybe blend with the lattices.

  2. Fancy being married to your own fairy godmother - aren't you lucky?! Those Rubies are gorgeous...
    As for the HST's, I'll bet you can find a way to change the tonal value of your quilt in other ways too; you can use this to the design's advantage!

  3. Great fabric, great husband and a great way of making HST's

  4. The tradewinds fabric is a stunner, such rich colors! And unpicking is your friend ;) If it's just a few then go for it and make 'em right..especially if it's gonna bother you each time you look at them. (just my 2cents ;)

  5. Is there a quick way to calculate what full sized square you need for X sized little squares?

    1. Hi there!
      There are tutorials, and maths for that question, here at:

  6. I love pinwheel blocks but I admit to DREADING sewing them together. That middle point gets so bulky! I like the lattice fabric in your blocks.

  7. Those rubies are gorgeous, what a good husband. The pinwheel layout looks beautiful I like it very much and the bamboo lattice complements the other fabrics really well.

  8. Yes I like the bamboo lattice as it gives less colour/design saturation on each half but you would see that better when laid out. What a lovely hubby.

  9. What a lovely hubby you have - I am so envious of that stack you do not know!

  10. awesome that hubby 'got it' you lucky girl! Thanks so much for linking up to wip Wednesday, where I am having a fun day guest-hosting!


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