Monday 22 October 2012

Really Random........Sunday?

For some reason I am posting this at 3 o'clock in the morning... If I was Al Pacino there would be jangly music in the background and I would be worrying about a murder and piling the furniture up against the light coming in the window (have you seen Insomnia?) but instead I am sitting on the sofa in the dark updating my blog so can't complain too much.

Sorry to say that no sewing has been going on in this household for a bit.  It is currently what used to be the tatty-picking holidays and the kids are off school.  I don't know if anyone goes tatty picking any more - my friend Debbie and I used to pack our cheese and onion sandwiches and head off at 6am to be selected or rejected (for being too spindly) by the local farmer.  It was the traditional way of making cash to buy cowboy boots, or whatever the latest thing was.

So, what has been going on in the Knotted household?  Well, a trip to a gallery, where even the view out of the window looked like a painting:

A walk in the woods:

This photo is nicked from my dad: I forgot my camera

And a visit to a wedding "Over the Bridge"  (Sprog 1 asked her father if he was going to wear his "quilt", thus confirming our status as a Scottish sewing family)  which involved a stay "South of the Bridge":

I love the way every view is dominated by it.

Love the two kinds of reflections in the railings

Sadly these days there is not nearly enough time for this:


  1. So. What is natty picking?

    I'd love to visit Scotland some day, thanks for sharing pics!

  2. I have the same question as Becca, What is natty picking?
    Your pictures are so lovely, I always wanted to visit Scotland and your pictures make me want to go even more.
    Enjoy your break from sewing.

  3. That bridge is amazing, I will show hubs your photos he will be impressed as we didnt get any while there, the US people should say tatter out load then they might get it!

  4. we southerners get an extra week before half term - no tatties down here, unfortunately. You live in the most beautiful place!

  5. I remember tatty picking although I never went myself my cousin did! Love the photos of the bridge and I really want to cross it some day. Can you believe I have never been to Scotland?! Hope you won't be too tired today after your early morning wakefulness.

  6. you've made a wee fife lass quite homesick! Great photos

  7. Great photos, I love that kind of weather much more inspiring than wall-to-wall sunshine! Have never picked tatties, our middle son and his wife went grape-picking yesterday in Oxfordshire! Obviously a different class of picking in that part of the world:)

  8. Fab photos and fond memories as it's a while since I picked a Tatty :)

  9. I love the quilt comment by your little one - totally adorable, and beautiful photos.

  10. I've done that 3 in the morning thing before! Great photos!


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