Sunday 7 October 2012

Sunday Stash

I've mentioned before that I really have a pitiful stash - in fact, I will show it to you just in case you fancy a laugh.  I'm not proud.

First, this here is the stash of my dreams. 

Now this is mine:

I have another odd shelf of bizarre bits of recycled clothing and old curtain material, but this is my patchwork/crafty stash and you can see that a) I am not a domestic goddess, and b) it is small, and not perfectly formed.

However, it has increased in size substantially with the arrival of my winnings from a giveaway by Southern Fabric, hosted at Red Pepper Quilts - a very generous bundle of Joel Dewberry fabrics.

I'm very grateful to have won these fabrics and quite excited by the prospect of using them because they are totally outside my usual comfort zone, which makes it an enjoyable challenge - hugely enhanced because I didn't pay for them.

I'd like to do something very bold and experimental, but I suspect that more round bottom bags will be the order of the day.  What would you make?

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  1. if only we could all have room for storage like that! Mine is shoved into plastic boxes!

  2. Aviary II is some great fabric, congrats on winning some! I actually need to work on shrinking my stash. It has grown unruly and is spilling out of my closet and spreading around my house :)

  3. Wow - Red Pepper Quilt competitions have hundreds of entries so congratulations on your win. I now know someone who has won one. I think they are great bag making fabrics and I have been seeing some great quilted weekender bags on pinterest lately. They look very desirable. See this one I admire... Lovely to have you share again this week.

  4. Love the materials you won - the colours and the designs are beautiful. With regard to your stash - sometimes less is more and at least it makes choosing easier! I'd never be able to keep my own fabrics neatly colour coded and sorted and sometimes have them spread all over trying to find one I like so I think yours look very neat!

  5. I agree about less is more sometimes. I brought a small subset of my stash to Japan, and it has been more than enough (of course, I'm adding to it also:)....


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