Wednesday 31 October 2012

Slow Blogger on Halloween

Happy Halloween! 

Looking for the Slow Blogger's Linky Party?  It's being hosted today by Martha over at her beautiful blog Weekend Doings   Please do link up there, and support other Slow Bloggers by visiting.

Knotted Cotton

Here at Knotted Cotton it has indeed been a slow month for making with plenty of work (should be grateful!) and the October school break right in the middle.    It's easy to feel slightly despairing at the lack of productivity, but sod it, on the other hand my love of English Paper piecing has been reawakened by this

and it really has been a great month for getting out and about.  Just when we needed it most we had some glorious weather for a couple of days so I can't complain!

As usual, I will look forward to next month and hope for the best!    What about you?

Now I'm off to ready myself for an influx later on of small children tastefully dressed as vampires and the walking dead in school uniform (zombies seem to be de rigeur this year) - luckily they are still at the stage where crisps, lots of black icing, and sausages dressed as fingers will make them happy.



  1. Yes, I totally have months like this! I enjoy all your beautiful photographs - are these all close to you?

  2. It might have been a slow month in the sewing room, but you got to admire some beautiful views on your outings. I love seen your pictures.


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