Thursday 1 November 2012

Really Random Thursday

I love this plaque:

It manages to be both comical and at the same time terribly tragic!

Autumn is beautiful.

And if sometimes, as you head towards a long grey Scottish winter, it's easy to feel a bit like this:

Just remind yourself:


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  1. Wonderful! Love the juxtaposition of different things in your photos and especially the one saying that Everything is going to be alright! Great post.

  2. Hmm, I am wondering if condescension was a positive term in the olden days. If I were described as condescending, I would feel bad!

  3. Poor man! What happened to the rest of him??

  4. Oh this is a great post Catherine - thanks for the smile, and your photos of autumn are as beautiful as autumn itself.

  5. Great pictures Catherine. You made me laugh with the picture of the sculpture of the man. I think sometimes we feel like that even if we are not in a Scottish winter. But you are right we just have to remind ourselves that everything is going to be alright.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  6. Gosh am amazed no ones gone base over apex, tripping over torso man! Is there a 'beware' poster either side of him lolol Is he a Gormley guy by any chance? He's brill!!

  7. I just love that you link up--your photos are amazing!

  8. This is fantastic Catherine! How could I have missed this before? Came here looking for travelling pics paper piecing and now I'm well and truly distracted!

  9. Ooh the man's torso is a bit spooky. The leaves are a great colour though.

  10. Oh Catherine I'm the biggest Antony Gormley fan but I haven't visited that one - where is it? Your pics are fab :)


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