Saturday 22 September 2012

Fabric, fabric

I have an embargo on buying any fabric at the moment since this month has involved the demise of our washing machine, and will involve the horror of the car's MOT test and inevitable enormous bill. (Having said that there is likely to be a break in the embargo tomorrow when I go to the Scottish Quilt Fair...)

Anyway, I've been using up fabric in my stash to make round bottomed bags.   This one, in yarn-dyed linen, has an EPP Liberty hexagon flower on both sides:

And this one has pockets all around:

They were surprisingly easy and satisfying and I thought I might put some pics on how I made them in an upcoming post.

Even if I manage to rein in the spending tomorrow,  my stash will be enhanced by a very lucky win.  How fab!  There are some other lovely giveaways on the go at the moment:
  • Fluffy Sheep Quilting is offering a giveaway of four fat quarters from the Oh Deer line.
  • Maureen Cracknell Handmade and Canton Village Quiltworks are offering this giveaway of Summer Love fabrics by Pat Bravo
  • There's a giveaway from Marmalade Fabrics over at Plum and June which finishes today - be quick!
I'm just heading over to check out the latest stops on the Let's Get Acquainted blog hop:

Sep 18
       Lina from Smultronbo's Pieceful
       Chase from 1/4" mark

Sep 20
        Jen from Closet Quilter
        Anna from Pink Padme


  1. Your fat bottomed bags are great - especially love the Liberty one and the linen you have used is gorgeous. I'm on a fabric diet too. And a real one!

  2. Hope you have a fruitful day at the Quilt Show. Washing machine replacement and an MOT in the same month - ouch!

  3. These look gorgeous, well done! I spent a couple of hours last night fighting with sewing a circle, so I'm very jealous of how perfect these look!

  4. Cute bags, and I like your term "embargo":).

  5. I am sure if you check ALL pockets, the side of the sofa... and that mysterious place,,, the back of your purse... you will find a little bit of money to take with you xx Have FUN xx

  6. they look fantastic! The pink one resembles a design I saw in Harrods on their aprons and other little gifty things, very pretty! Shame about the large expenses, but a quilt show sounds like fun!

  7. Beautiful bags! I put myself on a fabric diet, too. I'm trying to buy fabric per project, but what I can resist is buyin craft books... so I'm cheating on my diet lol.


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