Sunday 23 September 2012

Sunday Stash

I went to the Scottish Quilt show this afternoon.  My MIL and I went last year, and got the feeling that we were both at the very young end of the spectrum -  I don't think much had changed this year!

I guiltily found some of the quilts a bit dingy, but there were some lovely ones (photos to follow) and all of them were interesting and it was worth going, if only because I had the pleasure of meeting Jo Avery of Avery Homestore and Bearpaw which made me wish I had washed my hair and not gone straight from the allotment.  She is such a nice smiley person and her stall looked great - I got to see this embroidered dresden plate cushion and it is even more pretty in real life.

I was probably a bit of a disappointment at any stall because I did try to stick to my fabric diet and "only" came away with these:

Perle cottons (centre) and Flea Market Fancy from Avery Homestore

Japanese fabrics from Purely Patchwork

Variegated Perle 5 (left) from Batiks n Beads

But that's probably the fabric dieter's equivalent of eating a very large chocolate cake.


  1. Oooooh gorgeous purchases! Sounds like you had a great day :-)

  2. A big slice of chocolate cake indeed! Such pretty threads and fabrics, though, and at least buying fabric doesn't make your fanny bigger ;)

  3. Ok you had me at 'Scottish' and then you flaunted perle cotton and Japanese linen. Thank you for linking up today. Our local quilt shows only have quilts and no supplies. Sad.

  4. Lovely purchases! Love those Japanese fabrics - gorgeous!

  5. Chocolate cake indeed;-) But what delicious looking fabrics and thread. I especially love the blue fabrics. Thanks for sharing.

    blessings, jill

  6. Love the threads, know what you mean about the age thing at the show. I went a couple of times before we moved here and it was a great boost to feel so young for a day!

  7. Variegated perle!? Must get some...

    All pretty purchases!

  8. Beautiful beautiful perle cottons and very pretty fabrics.

  9. Love the Japanese fabrics! Although I'm probably a little biased, haha!

  10. I love the Japanese fabrics - totally my colors! And the perle cottons are wonderful!

  11. I love all those fabrics and the perle cotton. Who can resist not buying them!


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