Wednesday 26 September 2012

WIP Wednesday - Curves

A while back I bought these with some birthday money:

They're so lovely!   I wanted to make a cushion cover as a present for my mum and to learn to piece curves so I laid out pieces of the Oakshott on top of each other, two at a time, and cut through them with my rotary cutter to make matching pairs of wavy strips.

It was all going so nicely and I was feeling very smug as I was machining the finished piece to some batting when I noticed a tiny spot on the fabric. At first I thought it was a shadow under the light of the machine,  but it spread.

I have no idea where it came from but it seemed to be oil and I was really cross, especially since I then had to unpick my most successful seam (of course) and cut and sew in a new strip. Oh well:-)

This is where it's at just now:

The thread I used to quilt is a nice variegated sulky 30 but I think it's too fine.  I may have to do some more embellishment.  On the other hand, my first attempt at curved piecing went surprisingly well (pretend you can't see the puckers bottom right, where I had to replace the spotty strip) and I am completely hooked!

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  1. love the waviness! It looks like the sea - so gorgeous!

  2. Your curved piecing looks great, Catherine! Nice fix for the spot!

  3. Looks great! Would one of those variegated threads you bought go with this or are they too blue?

  4. Hate it when I find a mystery spot too late in a project and it's s ton of work to undo it. Love the quilt though. I've been wanting to try a curved piecing project like that.

  5. It looks beautiful Catherine. I love the curved piecing and the color of the fabric. You did a great job!
    The oil stain might have come from your sewing machine. But you did a grat job fixing it.

  6. Looks wonderful Catherine, your mum will be delighted for sure! Love the fabric, we are heading Limoges way tomorrow must check it out on our return.

  7. Ah, Oakshott - I love it! your wavy lines and colour combo is a winner too - very lovely indeed.

  8. Oh my it is beautiful, those colours are gorgeous and your piecing looks fabulous. I am sure your mum will be thrilled with it.

  9. Beautiful fabric and wonderful curved piecing.

  10. So beautiful - love these shades of green!


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