Sunday 2 September 2012


I was cutting up some old jeans yesterday so I could add (a fancier) one of these to the WIP list

With Susan's post probably in the back of my mind, I thought that the pockets could be recycled into a little pouch.   By good fortune the fly zip was just the right size too.

After a false start ...

(sewing the zip on upside down...)

My youngest and I sewed this (I steered, she drove):

It has a central zipped compartment and - obviously - two outside pockets!  It came with its own embellishment, otherwise we would have decorated it ourselves.  Next time I'm recycling a pair of jeans I'll make another with a shoulder strap, and try covered zip ends.

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  1. I think you have to sew a zip on upside down every now and again to keep you on your toes :)

  2. This is an excellent idéa! Thank you! I mean, there is jeans in every box here and I love to get good ideas about what to make of them :-)

  3. Cute! I have a few jeans projects in the pipeline...

  4. Fabulous! My daughter asked for a jeans/ recycled bag recently and i still havent got around to doing anything yet! This is such a good idea!

  5. What a fun project. My husband suggested to me the other day to use old jeans on a project... I should try it your pillow is so cute. And I really like the pouch.

  6. Oh that is just such a cool idea! Love it.


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