Thursday 21 February 2013

Signs of Life!

We have just had half-term holidays here - yet another excuse for lack of creativity.  Only on my part though. My daughter brought this model of the Titanic home from school:

I love the colours and it reminds me of the strange nautically-inspired bit of EPP I did for the Travelling Pic Stitch Blog Hop:

Within a day, the ship had become part of this tableau on the windowsill:

The Titanic has just hit the iceberg, and there are a lot of people in the lifeboats.  Poor people. Amazingly, when he was a very tiny child my grandfather was taken by his mother to Southampton docks to see the Titanic launch.  If you happen to be anywhere near Philadelphia, I can highly recommend this exhibition which we saw on holiday a few years ago.  It is atmospheric and informative and somehow manages to get round the potential for horrible voyeurism by concentrating on the personal stories of the passengers.

On that note I feel a bit bad going back to the trivial!  But I will.  Now that school has started again, I have a bit of gloriously uninterrupted time and have begun cutting up lovely bits of Oakshott for a new project.

I can't resist throwing in a few extra pictures of Sea and Sand/Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows.  I washed it for the first time last week, and I absolutely love what has happened to the texture - not sure if the fabric has shrunk or whether the thread has tightened up or both.  I particularly like the effect on the linen, and I've added a linen quilt to the list of things to make which is increasingly likely to last me a lifetime.

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  1. You have a very crafty daughter there Catherine, her Titanic model wouldn't look out of place in a ritzy gift store!

  2. You're back! Look forward to seeing your future creations. Great Titanic display!

  3. I will be seeing the Titanic exhibition in Philly in a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to it. To some extent the Titanic, as with all wrecks, becomes a time capsule filled with stuff even the historians have forgotten about.

  4. Yea - so great to have you back. You've been missed! I LOVE the Titanic display and because of the model and the display your daughter will always remember the story of what happened. I love your quilt too and am very happy to see it again.

  5. Love the poor passengers. My daughters covered the Titanic at school. This led to the "life boat incident". The park has a boat shaped sandpit, my daughters were playing Titanic another child wanted to join and was told:"I am sorry but you are a steerage passenger. This is first class only."

    1. Oh that's just brilliant! No answer to that one:-)

  6. Loving the Titanic display, its obviously been a creative half term :D The quilt looks amazing after a wash too!

  7. Great creative home obviously! And cutting up Oakshott can't possibly be described as trivial!


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