Thursday 11 July 2013

Random Thursday

Some random pics from a week in the Cairngorms.  It's a really beautiful part of the world, and full of wildlife, so I thought I'd show some of it off.

First off - something of which I have never seen the like (is that grammatical?).  Can anyone tell me who this tiny Toad in the Hole is?  He might be a Common Toad, but they are apparently not common in Northern Scotland.  We found him in a hole in a very dry path which seemed an unlikely place.  Obviously he was christened Zombie Toad by the children.

He was remarkably expressive for a toad, and obviously just wishing we would go away.  On the other hand, this obliging chaffinch sat on his perch for about 5 minutes.

The hilltops were covered with alpine flowers.

There are also carnivorous (well insectivorous) plants in Scotland!

One evening we took the children out for an evening walk to see if we could spot some deer and managed to see eight, mostly solitary ones.  I hadn't realised before how loudly they bark.

It meant that we were out in time to catch this view and sunset.

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  1. Loving your photos - particularly the insectivorous plant, it's stunning. We had a fantastic holiday camping at the foot of the cairngorms many years ago pre children. Good memories.

  2. Wow! Truly beautiful (tho' perhaps impressive is more appropriate for the toad! Not sure I'd have known it was a toad...) looks like a lovely holiday. I now need to look up the Cairngorms on a map...

  3. Such beautiful photos! I can't say I've ever heard a deer bark, in fact, I thought they look like very quiet creatures! I can't shed any light on the toad I'm afraid. He does look very comfy in his hole!

  4. Gorgeous pics, I do miss the deer in the forest where I lived in England but I don't miss the damage they did to our garden! :)

  5. it looks like you had a wonderful time ... dont know about the toad, but looks interesting x

  6. Those plants sound just perfect for reducing the midge population!

    Great photos.

  7. Wonderful pictures Catherine! What a cooperative bird and funny toad! And the sunset pix are very cool. I can think of lots of animals that use burrows for homes but toads would not have come to mind! Perhaps he was just 'borrowing' the space 'til the foot traffic passed by?! lol, How interesting to find insectivous plants there. I would have thought that it would be to cold there?! thanks for sharing, cheers, CW

  8. What amazing pictures Catherine...and the chaffinch?!!


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