Friday 16 May 2014

Slow Blog Linky!

Sorry, to any Slow bloggers looking for the linky yesterday - somewhat appropriately I'm running a day late this month.

What have you been up to?  Crafting, a bit of real life?  Maybe you're like me and have been finishing a quilt for the Bloggers Quilt Festival - for me this month has passed by in a blur of gardening and hand-stitching. I'm entering Leaves in the Festival.  It began as an idea in winter 2012 - how slow is that?:-)

If you'd like to share, link up a post below, and visit and encourage other Slow Bloggers!


  1. Hi Catherine: When I came to link up yesterday I just figured I had my dates mixed up so then I was a day ahead of myself. I needed the extra time as I was out every night this week.

  2. Love the Slow Blogger movement. Thank you!

  3. no link for me this month - I am super slow blogger at the mo! But let me know if you need me to host in July (June is out for me)


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