Wednesday 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014, hello 2015

Time to say goodbye to 2014.

This year I made a handful of quilts.  Still not the fastest worker in the West, but not too shabby.

Clockwise from top left: More is More,  Leaves, freestyle New York Beauty, Square Peg, Fragment II, Fragment I, Big Red TrianglesWalk, Don't Walk

There were also some other makes - a couple of Artist Trading cards, and a handful of things made for, and at, the Stitch Gathering.

Clockwise from top:  Winter Sparkle ATC, front of bag for Stitch Gathering swap, tote bag, Bass Rock ATC, back of bag for Stitch Gathering swap, name tag for my secret partner

I'm gradually working out what is 'me' so it's all good and it's exciting to plan for the year ahead.

Last year's resolutions:

Get fit again [fail]
Eat more fruit [fail]
Try not to worry what other people think [partial success]
Do something creative every day [hysterical laughter]

This year's resolutions:

Get fit again
Eat more fruit
Try not to worry what other people think
Do something creative at least once a week

Time to look forward to 2015.

To anyone who reads these witterings and to those whose friendly support and encouragement is so valued I'd like to wish you a very

Happy New Year!


  1. I love your lists! You are not alone! Happy New Year!

  2. I love "Walk, Don't Walk"! I think that is the quilt that first drew me to your blog. It is such a statement quilt- graphic and bold! Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions! (Try and try again!)

  3. Wonderful quilts and other makes.
    Love your lists
    Happy New Year
    Julie xxxxx

  4. Happy new year Catherine! Good luck with your resolutions :)

  5. Well done! I'm impressed with how much you got done during the year.

  6. You had a lovely year Catherine, I applaud your creativity. When I look at all you have done, my eyes are drawn directly to Leaves and the Bass Rock ATC, I can't help it!

    Your resolutions put a smile on my face...Who needs fruits anyway? Aren't they overrated?
    Here's to you and your creativity! Happy New Year!

  7. Your quilts are beautiful and have been such a lovely inspiration this year. Good luck with your goals.

  8. I think all your finishes are fantastic! And not so short in number when you consider how life gets in the way of sewing time! I love your resolutions and self critique! lol! I think mine would run in a similar fashion if I could work up the nerve to actually write them down! Happy New Year and cheers! cw

  9. Selective, refined eye candy. NOM! NOM! NOM!
    Happy New Year, dear Catherine!
    xo, m & jb

  10. Not too shabby at all, especially for a slow blogger. Quality work takes time :) I always enjoy seeing you work.

    Happy New Year!

  11. Love your goals--thanks for making me smile. Also, GREAT finishes this year!

  12. Gorgeous creations! Happy new year.

  13. How wonderful to see a collage of all the beautiful quilts you have made, I remember them all from following your blog that I discovered this past year. You are so talented!

  14. What gorgeous finishes, and good luck with those resolutions! Happy New Year to you.

  15. You have had some beautiful finishes this year - I think the Oakshott leaves has got to be my favourite though! And your resolutions sound very similar to mine!

  16. Your makes last year are all very beautiful and you were certainly very creative, if not every day. Good luck with this year's goals :)

  17. A belated Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! Love your resolutions :0)

  18. Catherin I love your resolutions and the result of 2014 made laugh out loud, especially the hysterical laughter. It is so funny and so ....true. I am late for this....

  19. ... and a question: Where is this place of your header? The big rock?


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