Saturday 28 November 2015

I've done quite a lot of relief and intaglio printing over the years but my one experience of screen printing a long time ago was a bit of a disaster. Recently though I've started thinking about transferring ideas to fabric (partly inspired by the work of Elizabeth at Bottle Branch) so I wanted to come back to it and have another go.

This weekend I was lucky to go on a day course learning to screen print on fabric with Karen Lewis, at Jo myBearpaw's shop.

During the day we learned how to make a straightforward screen that would be easy to assemble at home, and had plenty of time to design and print two different patterns.

It was fun to see such a variety of styles among the group - you can see us, and our work, on Karen's blog!

If you can't get to one of her courses, the process is described in her book Screen Printing at Home, which is full of inspiration.

(Amazon affiliate link)

Karen was a lovely and enthusiastic teacher and the whole process was completely addictive.  I came away completely buzzing with ideas and can't wait to do more.  I have a plan for the trees too.


  1. sounds a really fun day out. Karen's fabrics are always gorgeous.
    Mind you, my favourite quilt of yours is still the one in the header

  2. Ooooh! Looks like fun! The screen printing process has always been a mystery to me. Your designs look great and I'm sure Karen is an inspiring teacher!

  3. I just checked Karen's blog to have a look at all the creativity there.....I am very impressed. How fun to design your own fabric. Your designs, Catherine look great. The imagination knows no end in what designs you can create.

  4. Looks like fun. I'll be interested in seeing where you go with this.

  5. Sounds like you had a great time
    Julie xxxx

  6. Lovely pattern. It reminds me of a Christmas tree but without needle) My writer from says that your posts are written in a professional manner.

  7. It really is so much fin isn't it? And you're designs looks great - I'm sure you'll put them into a great project! Thanks so much for the shout-out, too.

  8. Looks like great fun. I just bought a stamping set so itching to give it a try. I really like your flowers and am off to check out that book!

  9. Your prints are terrific, Catherine! I'm quite interested in this as I'm taking a block printing class from Lizzy House at QuiltCon in a couple of months, and I'm busy examine the motifs I see. I went over and read Karen's blog and even spotted you--what an amazing experience that must have been. Thanks for sharing.


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