Saturday 19 March 2016

Being Cosy 2

If this looks familiar it's because it is a reworking of an ATC card I made for one of the Very Berry Handmade swaps.   It was a commission and is bigger at 4.5 x 6 inches.    I used one of my favourite Liberty pieces (bought from Ali) for the wallpaper - I suppose you can't just hoard them forever!


  1. It's very cute! I liked it the first time you made it and it's just as cute in it's second iteration ! cheers!

  2. Yes, I can remember - it is great - I love it - the rug, the cushion and the book just fallen out of your hands.

  3. How lovely that someone saw it and wanted their own version. And it looks just as beautiful slightly larger.

  4. Gorgeous - I can see why someone would ask for one for themselves!

  5. This looks so relaxing. Nice "wallpaper" and cute kitty.


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