Monday 5 February 2018

Two little quilts

I realised that although I posted on instagram, I never showed you the finished result of my experiment with upholstery fabric sample scraps.

When I last wrote about them, I was dithering about how to quilt the two pieces I'd made.  I ended up with two very different approaches - one quilted simply in the ditch and one a combination of machine quilting with some full on hand embroidery in perle cotton.

So here is Little Brown Quilt:

and in complete contrast, its more extrovert sister :

 I do love Little Brown which is very 'me' and reflects my interest in printing and a particular image I wanted to convey.    I like the other one too, but in having fun and playing with the scraps I seem to have ended up with something which shows its influences in the beautiful work of Lucie Summers.  It's very hard to be original - I guess we have to make what we want to make and acknowledge our inspiration when we can!


  1. Both are wonderful little quilts! I would have said the first was my favorite up until I saw the second. I love the stitching details!!

  2. Beautiful. Both of them. Although I love the colours and the textures of the 'extrovert' sister, I love the Little Brown a tiny bit more, but that's mostly due to the 'introvert' colours :)


  3. Lovely to see the final results of your experiments Catherine, they have both turned out beautiful too. Lucie Summers' book is one of my favourites to flick through when I am in stitching doldrum :)

  4. They are both beautiful quilts...I tend to go for bold and bright but I do so like that little brown quilt.

  5. Lovely results. Normally vibrant colour would call to me but your muted palette on the little brown quilt is calming and very appealing to me!

  6. These are great. I love them both but, more than that, I love them together. I think they make a perfect pair :)

  7. MORE beauty here! Love these but very especially LIttle Brown!


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