Tuesday 2 November 2021

A square for the Forthline project

I realise that I never posted about the piece I made for the Forthline Project - where each maker got a 40cm square piece of calico on which to make a piece inspired by their one particular stretch of the coastline of the Firth of Forth. The line of shoreline (black cord on my piece) had to be included just as it is on the map so that each piece can be linked on either side with other works but there were no constraints on style or content.  I chose a piece of coast which took in North Queensferry and the Railway Bridge.  

This small piece of land has a very rich history and is full of interesting things, including the remains of a Munitions pier from WW1, and the concrete gun emplacements from WW2, which really highlight how important it was strategically.  I was really interested in the impact that humans have had on the environment and wanted to get everything in, but I settled for contrasting the abstract shapes of the man-made bridge, with the nature found at Carlingnose Point Nature Reserve.

The nature reserve has gorse scrub, and rare limestone meadow.  I included both of these, together with dropwort, cranesbill and harebell, and a little Lesser Whitethroat, which are all found there.

My work is painted, appliqu├ęd, hand- and machine-embroidered. I left a tiny margin of calico round the edge of my piece because I wanted to reflect the fact that this was the base on which everyone constructed their very different works, but in retrospect I'm not sure this was the right thing to do.

This is a really wonderful project and I am grateful to have been involved.   You can read more about it here and see all the marvellous pieces that other contributors have made. 


  1. It’s lovely and I’m off to read more about the project!

  2. I love your interpretation Catherine! I tried to find more of the contributions to the project but many of the links did t work. If you could point me in the right direction, I’d really appreciate it

  3. Hi Susan, Thank you very much! I don't know why they aren't working, unless the site is not compatible with the blower you're using, but that's quite unusual. You could try looking on instagram using the hashtag #forthlineproject or, try this https://edinburghshoreline.org.uk/forthline-project-watch-our-art-work-take-shape/ If you go to the bottom of the page and click on one of the images it should open a slideshow which you can scroll through. You can also see a very clever 'fly-over' video here, which shows all the works superimposed on a map of the area https://youtu.be/aNXm9owJf9Q I hope this helps :-). It's a wonderful project.

  4. Damn autocorrect - not blower, browser!

  5. This is an interesting project. I really like the colour in your quilt and the way you have included the natural world juxtaposed against the man made bridge. I would be very interested to see the complete map with all the blocks :)

  6. I think you have captured your ideas well. I like the bridge against all the nature - the little bird is so nicely done, along with the flowers peeping in. It's a very thoughtful piece!


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