Monday 1 November 2021

The Endeavourers #15, A quilt inspired by a newspaper headline - "B****y Covid"

This is my quilt for the latest quarterly challenge from  The Endeavourers.   Our challenge was to make a quilt inspired by a newspaper headline.

My quilt doesn't need much explanation - it represents the majority of headlines at the moment, and pretty much sums up my feelings!

As the current situation drags on we're probably all getting a bit fed up so I had wanted some way of adding a small bit of hope to my quilt.  When I dug this newspaper print out of the drawer it seemed perfect because it is actually full of positive thoughts.  I'm not always keen on fabric like this but I thought that the message 'be gentle with yourself' and references to the good things in life - beauty, friendship, family, home and garden, etc, - were a good reminder that although Covid sometimes occupies centre stage, as it does in my quilt,  the things that make life worthwhile are still there.

My 'headline' is painted with fabric paint and I quilted in black round the letters, which are based on a font called Impact.   There is a double layer of batting under the white 'paper' which is stipple quilted.  The background newsprint is quilted in random geometric shapes inspired by the print.  I liked the way that the asterisks look vaguely like the Covid virus under the microscope!

I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling uninspired to be creative recently, and it was very good to have this challenge! As usual I'm looking forward to seeing what has inspired the other members of the Endeavourers.  You can check them out on the group blog where you can also find links to each individual member.


  1. What a great way to turn the situation into a creative endeavour! And hooray for finishes! *waves pompoms*

  2. When we first entered these strange circumstances my OH read that it took 2 years to get back to normal life when the 1918 Flu Epidemic hit, so I suspect that we have a few more months of b****y Covid to deal with yet! We shall all be using your great little quilt as a banner for those months Catherine :)

    1. We have a letter my Great Grandmother wrote from England to her sister in South Africa in 1918. She has just had the flu and is trying to feed a husband and five children. She describes queuing for hours to try and get staples, and the dockworkers' wives struggling to keep things going. She says it is enough to make her a communist! In many ways we're very lucky!

  3. I feel your quilt epitomises all of our feelings towards covid. It's a wonderful response to the theme :)


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