Tuesday 28 February 2012


I'm learning a lot of things as I go along and when sewing the honesty seed pods yesterday I could see bits where I clearly wasn't doing it the best way and this left me with several questions.  One mistake (of many) I made was failing to stabilise the background fabric so that it wouldn't pucker.  (I did think to fix the seed pods to the background, actually using some fusible hemming strip that I had scraps of - it was just the right width). I also couldn't understand why my buttonhole or satin stitch looks so much better from the wrong side.

I was thinking of doing some test pieces and seeing if I could get this all right when I remembered that Florence, of Flossie Teacakes, has written an ebook about machine applique.  Although I usually like to try and work things out for myself this book is going to save a lot of faffing about.  I can really recommend it - it's clearly written and covers everything you need.  And it only costs £3.00.  Now I know how to stabilise the background fabric, and that my satin stitch problems are probably because I need to adjust the tension on my sewing machine.  


  1. I have only tried machine applique a couple of times with mixed results like you, so will head on over to Flossie Teacakes blog as it sounds like this ebook is exactly what I need.

  2. Flossies ebook is great. Applique is so much fun. There are so many ways to create it on the machine. Bondaweb is the key really as it keeps the fabric in place and lightly stabilising the back if the fabric is fine helps too. Dont foget to use a fine needle if you are using fine fabrics. You can finish your edges/outline with a satin stitch (zigzag), a straight stitch or free machine embroidery as in the creations of Poppy Treffry or snapdragon Jane which gives a sketched like quality which would be perfect for your beautiful seedheads. Have fun... it is highly addictive i warn you.
    Happy March
    Ginny x


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