Sunday 5 February 2012

I will do anything to avoid my paper piecing.  Hence this cushion cover in the making.

I was following a tutorial for cutting sawtooth stars economically, but I couldn't get my head round the mental rotations involved  - I must be short on spatial skills - without assiduously following the instructions on screen every step of the way.  In the end I just winged it.  (It is a really excellent clear tutorial.  It was just me.)  This is why my seams are a bit wonky and why it took all weekend. 

I made it out of a pair of jeans that I'd worn through (thighs rubbing together after too much Christmas pudding but maybe that's TMI).  I tried to use the least faded parts for the star and the rest round the edges and to exploit the grain of the fabric as far as possible.    Now I'm trying to decide whether to embroider round the star to highlight it, or to leave it minimalistic - and just waiting to burst through the second pair of jeans so that I can justify chopping them up for the back:-)


  1. Good idea for old jeans! My friend has a denim quilt... Now I think I should try making a pillow for her to go along.

  2. I like the way you've used the grain of the fabric. I love upcycled things!

  3. I like the subtle colour variation between the more and less faded areas in this. Hope your crabs aren't stressing you out too much! (Sorry, that sounds terrible doesn't it?!) x

  4. I think the grains looked great. I noticed that right .away.

  5. Thank you!

    Actually there's one bit where I couldn't cut with the grain in the right direction and there's one bit that I got wrong (I should unpick it but I don't think I can face it.) And there's a corner that should be faded and annoys me because there was only a darker piece left! Oh well, it's true to the spirit of upcyclying:-)


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