Friday 29 June 2012

Marketing Win

Marmite and bad puns - the best.

PS, this is how I found it later:

I think you'll find that's my Marmite


  1. bwahahahahaaa! now that's a cat after my own heart!

  2. you can both KEEP it! I HATE the stuff.... my grandson LOVES it... just the smell when I spread it on his toast makes me cringe! x

  3. Marmite is definitely a love/hate thing and I am in the latter camp, so your cat is welcome to it :)

  4. Replies
    1. Ooh, it's a very British thing - the Australians have an equivalent called Vegemite (which is not nearly as good;-)

      It's a dark brown salty spread (am I selling it to you?) which you have on toast or sandwiches - eg cheese and Marmite, or cucumber and Marmite.

      It's made out of "yeast extract" and is a bit like Bovril but with no meat and you either grow up with it and love it or absolutely hate it - the population is polarised as you can see by the other comments (this is exploited in their ads, like

      If you do like it, it's the ultimate comfort food and is the only thing to eat when you're ill or have just split up with a boyfriend:-)

  5. Yeuch! Good luck, Kitty, you can keep it! Do love the label, though, it'd be worth buying a jar for just that. My beloved likes Marmite and egg mayonnaise sandwiches - as if the smell of either of them alone wasn't bad enough! I don't make them for him.... ;-)

  6. I love the picture with the cat!

  7. Hilarious photo! Ahh, I can't wait to get a cat someday


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