Tuesday 26 June 2012

Stack of coins

Oh I do love it when the sun shines!  Is anyone else more productive in nice weather? Anyhow, I'm cracking on with the Stack of Coins, which now looks like this:

It needs only a few more coins and then I'm going to sash it in linen.  I don't seem to be able to work on many things at once - I struggle to be disciplined enough to finish things otherwise! Now I feel I really need to get this done so I can move on to the next thing - I'm especially panicking about my blog hop tutorial.  Do you prefer to work on one thing after another, or have several projects on the go?  And if it's several, how do you organise yourself (or not!)?

Today on the Blog Hop:

Plum and June  

Svetlana from Sotak Handmade - her post isn't up at time of writing, but I love her work and look forward to seeing it
and Beth from Plum and June who has a tutorial for a School Rules mini quilt, with stamped rules - it's really sweet.

It has, of course, been Beth who has done the massive work of organising this blog hop and it's such fun seeing what each blogger has come up with.  Please visit if you can.


  1. Your Stack of Coins are coming along nicely, can't wait to see them sashed.

    I would love to be disciplined and only work on one project at a time, but I am more of a butterfly, flitting between projects I am afraid! Part of the problem, for me, is that there are just so many gorgeous projects out there and I want to do them all. It does mean though that sometimes I have lots to show for my time and sometimes hardly anything. I am never bored though :)

  2. They are looking great. I always used to just concentrate on one project at a time, but at the moment I seem to have a few on the go at once. Don't seem to have the follow through at the minute.

  3. loving the blues and browns - and the linen sounds like a great idea - and i've got heaps on the go - never get bored!!

  4. Love the stacks and that they're not all the same size - really adds something, also the muted colours and they look gorgeous together. I have several projects on the go at one time, usually because I'm in a class or doing something for the guild and doing something for family but I'm a completer/finisher at heart so it's easier for me mentally when there's only one thing at a time and I see it through to the end and then start the next.

    Always inspired by what you're doing so I dropped by to give you a Liebster Award. You can find out more via my blog link http://madebychrissied.blogspot.com/2012/06/liebster-award-big-thank-you-and-pass.html. Congrats, Chrissie :D


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