Sunday 10 June 2012

Prototype Mark II

Remember this?

Prototype I

I have been persevering with it and have made another test piece in the colours I'm thinking of for the quilt I want to make.

Prototype II

I have to admit that though it's satisfyingly good for producing tiny shapes, I find this kind of piecing a bit tedious:-)   It's useful experience though and maybe practice will make perfect eventually!  Who knows, maybe a full size New York Beauty is in my future....

My plan (at this stage more of an aspiration, really) is a quilt with a dandelion clock at one bottom corner, with seeds drifting off across the quilt. I thought that I can square up the seed blocks in such a way that they drift at different angles.

But I have a question for experienced paper piecers.  Ignoring the obvious mistakes, it looks two seam-y to me and I think it did in my first prototype too.  Do you think this would impact on a quilt?  Or do you think that your eye isn't distracted by seams once the whole thing is quilted?  Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


  1. I think as long as the fabrics are not distracting then the seams aren't noticable in the final quilt, but then I am not an experienced paper-piecer so may be telling you a load of codswallop! I like the sound of your dandelion clock quilt.

  2. once you have quilted over it ... no-one will notice the seams ... and if they do then thats THEIR problem xx


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