Monday 27 August 2012

A finish and a beginning

Finished and framed.  Applique, machine- and hand-embroidery on Klona cotton, design by my daughter.  Thanks to Sandy for confirming that the puckering was because I hadn't stabilised the fabric.  I had to stretch and iron it out as best I could - it still shows a little but I photographed it in a favourable light;-)

On to the next project now (unless I can find another distraction) which is to back and quilt this...

...using the walking foot I have just bought for myself with birthday money.   Yep, I actually quilted all the quilts I have made so far without a walking foot  - ignorance mostly, and you might say it shows....  It can be done though!

I'm going to do a couple of test runs first to try out different threads.

Unfortunately I am an idiot and didn't buy enough of the linen I wanted to back it with, so I am going to have to resort to some ingenuity and a rethink.

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  1. your daughter's picture is so lovely. I know I've said it before, but I am totally doing this!

  2. I also quilted without a walking foot until a couple of weeks ago, when one was very generously donated to me - I was amazed at the difference it makes!

  3. Well if you need more linen let me know I am heading back to Riga on Wednesday and there is nothing I like better than an excuse to spend time (and money!) in a linen shop!

    I love your embroidered picture.

  4. I recently bought a walking foot (with birthday money as well) and it rocks! You will love it. What I noticed on mine is that you might need to adjut the tension on you machine when using the walking foot.

  5. What a lovely idea stitching your daughter's drawing. I wonder if you could do some stitches on the back to hold the tension, a bit like you do on a cross stitch to stop it going saggy on the front? Not explaining it very well but where you stitch from top to bottom, top to bottom and then left side to right side, and back continuously to keep it tight? I quilt looks lovely by the way and I love those varigated threads especially the middle one. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Could you do a small line section of patchwork on the back to make your backing go further??

  6. I love your daughter's design (and your handiwork!) Great collaberation. Enjoy your walking foot! It will soon become a favorite tool.

  7. Lovely design and beautiful stitching too! Enjoy your walking foot - I've used it not only for quilting but also for top stitching when I have lots of fabric layers.


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