Monday 6 August 2012

Inspiration and a linky

Still the school holidays here, and it's very difficult to fit in any creativity, but I'm squirrelling away ideas for the future.   I'm keeping up with the great posts and tutorials on the Let's Get Acquainted blog hop - tomorrow's hosts are Liz from What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Susan from Canadian Abroad - and this weekend I also found inspiration in:

Pink and hot orange - what an amazing colour combination!

Graphic shapes - I love these lollypops emerging from the softer surroundings.

Natural pattern:

and manmade:

In case you were wondering, the two pictures above show part of the stone interior of one of my all-time favourite buildings - just beautiful, like being inside a giant sculpture. It's a stone dovecot, built in the 1500s.  Each little niche would hold a pair of breeding birds - the whole thing could hold up to 2000!  Here it is from outside:

I really like to know what inspires other people, and so although this is a very small blog and it seems scarily presumptious I thought I would have a go at starting a Linky feature.  If you would like to share a post about something which has fired you up,  please do link up.   Maybe you have seen something - anything! - which has set you off on a creative train of thought, or would like to explain what it was that originally inspired you to make something - it's all interesting!  A few suggestions:
  • Please link to the specific post rather than your blog address to make it easy to find (you can click on your blog post title, then copy and paste the url from your browser).
  • If you have been inspired by someone else's work, make sure you link to them in your post!
  • If you want to share both pics of your inspiration and the work inspired by it, then that's even better!
I would love to read about it.



  1. Hi Catherine, I love to take pictures of my surroundings, that really inspires me. The building for the birds is very interesting and beautiful

  2. Great idea and some beautiful photos, that dovecote is amazing where is it?

  3. I think that's a great idea for a linky party:) I'll have to start making some notes and will surely link up in the future.


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