Thursday 23 August 2012

Really Random Thursday

Reasons to be cheerful this week:

Fun:  The weather this summer has not been great but at the weekend we were able to make a rare and lovely trip to the seaside.

If you had the whole of this enormous beach to choose from, would you have sat just here, right in front of the only other people enjoying the view?  It made me laugh anyway.

Sometimes the adults in this family seem to have more fun building sandcastles than the children.

Finds: this flower (isn't it lovely? I haven't identified it yet)...

...and this spider, in the garden, which looks so amazing close up:

and finally: while we were shopping we surprised a couple, who I would guess were in their sixties, enjoying a really passionate clinch in the local multi-storey car park.  No pictures of that one obviously, but it made me feel so optimistic for the future!

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  1. What lovely photos although I'm not keen on spiders.....a photo is about as close as I can get. I can only imagine what you saw in the car park....good for them!!

  2. Beautiful beach! The spider, um, very interesting...And the couple--awesome!

  3. Beautiful pictures. The beach looks so peaceful.

  4. Really enjoyed the appreciation of small things and the representation of hope in this post! My only hope is that the couple had been married for 40+ years-that would be even better!


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