Wednesday 14 August 2013

(A bit of) what I did in the holidays

Back to school today for the sprogs after an unusually fantastic summer. There was no sewing for me - when you are up to your eyes in small children it's not so easy getting a broken machine up town to be repaired, or even considering a new one in the shop to a chorus of "can we go yet?".  Lots of scenery though.

Three generations of the family clan met up on the isle of Bute and had a day on the beach.

These are the mountains of Arran, seen over the sea.

The youngest member of the party...

and the oldest (Grandpa, in his wellies).

Castles and moats were built, dodging the jelly fish - so many of them.

It's always so exciting getting the ferry there and back.

A lot of other pics are on my laptop which started making an occasional noise like a cricket chirping, and then progressed to full-on motorbike revving every time I started it up.  So I'm blogging on the dodgy old one temporarily.  I wondered what I'm doing to my technology, but some of it was explained when I came into the living room to find one sprog using the laptop to squat on while drawing a picture.  "Gonnae no dae that" is not what I said.

Sewing and blogging properly to be resumed as soon as Brother/laptop are fixed or replaced.  If you have also been a very slow blogger over the holidays do link up with Fiona at Celtic Thistle Stitches, who is hosting this month's Slow Blog Linky tomorrow, and check out her fantastic Holiday Memories Mini Quilt Competition too!

Knotted Cotton


  1. So wonderful being all together! I didn´t sew that much too, this summer. but now I am behind what I have to doin 10 days LOL
    The jelly fish Looks like batic. I know we are Kind of nerds seeing some fabric or quiltpattern everywhere...

  2. Agh! Sorry about your computer woes. I just replaced mine a couple weeks ago myself.

    What a fun adventure! So picturesque! Those kids are pretty intense moat makers. I've never seen one that long. :)

  3. Love your photos Catherine, they brought back lots of fond memories of similar days out on a Bute beach.

    Hope your computer woes are soon a thing of the past.

  4. Whoa! I can't believe all the jellyfish!

  5. Beautiful photos! looks like a special place. I know what you mean about how hard it is to get anything done what you have the peanut gallery in tow!

  6. You've gotta love them! Looks like a great Scottish holiday. Hope getting back to the routine is OK and things get fixed without too much drama and expense!

  7. Bute looks lovely! Never been there, and it's definitely on the list (probably as part of an Inner Hebrides bike tour :-)). That jellyfish looks like great inspiration for your next quilt....

  8. Stunning scenery! I hope your sewing machine and computer are back in working order soon :)

  9. Beautiful pictures, Catherine! Looks like it was a great family vacation! We were in the Northwest state of Washington last week and observed a Jelly Fish bloom too! It must be the season. Looks like a lovely beach for sandcastles! Good luck with your computer. What happened with the sewing machine?! cheers, Claire W.


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